Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Big Plans

I have to admit the legs were a bit cranky at the prospect of repeating yesterday's seven miles spent at six minute pace. During the first of two easy miles leading up to the effort the brain was skeptical too, but both mind and body eventually gave in when I hit the lap button as I passed the familiar fire hydrant that acts as my starting line on these. While the first mile went by a little hot at 5:55, I was able to back off a little and get to the end of the seventh mile at an average 5:58 pace. I did tire a little during the last mile, but overall the effort felt very similar to yesterday. One thing I notice now about 6 minute pace that has changed is how it doesn't really feel "fast" anymore. Sure it's hard and it takes concentration, but perhaps getting more time on the track at faster paces has made marathon pace feel less like speedwork and more like...well, marathon pace I guess.

Two days of these runs in a row got me wondering what average pace I could run if I tried repeating this run for four weeks at my best aerobic effort. The coach suggested something like this some time ago, and this guy actually just finished doing it. Here is where he quote's Mystery Coach's suggestion. I applaud Ingo for giving this a go, and I'm excited to see how his running progresses as he follows the template the coach came up with.

As for me, I'm still gunning for a few more spring races. This weekend is the 88-Crime 8K, and I'll follow that up with a 5K on the track at the Southern Arizona Distance Classic on April 13. On April 21 I'll represent for the Dragons at the Spring Cross Country Classic 5K. My favorite 10K follows on May 6, and my racing season will end at the Tucson 5000 5K on May 20.

Think I can get fast by then?

10 miles, 1:02:52, 6:17 pace, w/7 miles at 5:58 pace


Blaxabbath said...

That reminds me, I won't be at the group run this evening (gotta knock out the tempo that I missed yesterday) but I need to get tops to bring down to get the Dragon on. So lemme know if you and Lucas (or Kiera or your readers or whatever) have ready and I'll get it from you next week at the group run.

Good luck on Saturday too. The site says 100 bones to the winner -- so you better be ready to beat down on Eddy's guys (in their own backyard).

Eric said...

Nice work, Mike. It seems like yesterday's seven woke up your legs for today's. Very cool.

Ingo said...

Many thanks for the applause! The traffic on my blog will definitely skyrocket due to your referral!

I have to admit that this test was the toughest running experience I had so far - but very eye opening at the same time.

You don't have foot problems (like blisters) when you run these paces, do you? I wonder when this will stop in my case. Maybe after 10x blisters at the same spot it'll be strong enough??

Michael said...

Don’t tell me a 6’ miles doesn’t feel fast, I have to do a bunch of them on Friday! Nice running the last two days, I think it’s important to keep your body on its toes (mind the pun). By mixing up the variety and doubling up on quality sessions you’ll hold off stagnating.

I’m envious of all the short races you’ll be doing, I’d like to try and work on my 5k & 10k PB in the next year… we’ll see.