Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'd Almost Forgotten

It's been three months since my last marathon, and three weeks since I've done anything similar to a long run. The 5K's I ran last weekend and the weekend before pretty much pulled rank on the long run, and the tame mileage during those two weeks show as much.

With two weeks off from racing the coach has me working on maintaining my stamina, and I'm guessing to a lesser extent my endurance with back to back workouts this (Friday-Saturday) weekend. Yesterday was 7 miles around marathon pace, and today was set for 10 steady miles at 6:45 pace, then 3-4 miles at 6:05 pace.

It's been a crazy day at work, and I'm off to Phoenix now so I'll keep it short. While there was a bit of soreness in the quads towards the end, it was a nice workout. I ran the first ten (after a mile warm up) too fast, but it just seemed comfortable. The faster stuff at the end felt good for about three miles, but I was a little anxious to get the last one over with. Overall it was a good result and a nice re-introduction to the world of stamina. Slow tomorrow.

Time to pack!

16 miles, 1:44:06, 6:31 pace, w/10 miles at 6:37 followed by 4 miles at 6:01 pace


Phil said...

Comfortable is good. I don't think there is much of a chance that you'll lose your stammina

Thomas said...

If the coach says 10 miles and you run 16, what's the deal?

Do the 10 not include the warm-up and cool-down, or do you pump up the mileage on your own accord?

Faithful Soles said...
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Faithful Soles said...

I coach myself and always have been pretty disciplined about it, and even on days where I tell myself to run 10, I've done as much as 20 if I felt just right.

Mike said...

Thomas, the coach's original orders were 10 at 6:45 followed by 3-4 at 6:05, and he knows I generally throw a mile or two on either end for a warm up and cool-down, time permitting.

I have constantly shifting amounts of leeway depending on where I am in a cycle, but when I run into problems (like sore quads) the coach is quick to step in and tell me what I need to do (recover for two days in this case with easy/short running).

Dusty said...

Been watching your blog - those races rock - must be a great feeling.

Nice run - you make me laugh with the 16 instead of 10. Good thing your coach knows to figure that in. :)