Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm In

I'm the 19th seed of 35 runners for the 5K tomorrow night, and the field has a PR spread from 14:10 all the way to 18:17. Is it just me or does that seem like a whole lot of people running a whole lot of different paces? The track is going to look like a big, ovalized merry-go-round with skinny college kids in place of horses spread out all the way around lane 1. It looks like mostly kids from Arizona colleges along with a few random entries from Illinois, Utah and other places. This will be fun.

The whole family slept until 6 this morning (nearly a record), and once again Kiera was ready to roll out the door before I had even poured my coffee. I think she's starting to catch on to the fact that the first runner out of the house gets the cool weather while the second runner gets to change diapers, then make and clean up breakfast for the children. I couldn't blame her for wanting to get out the door, as the weather is absolutely perfect for running with temps in the high 50's-low 60's (f). Upon Kiera's return I got out for 6 easy miles, which felt like just a warm up. I joined the Running Shop gang for an easy 10K last evening, and for both runs the legs felt great.

Not much left to do now but get a few miles in tomorrow morning and then head to the track for the race after work. The original start time of 9:50 has been moved to 8:25pm, which is good news for me. It will be warm, but conditions should be good overall.

As far as tactics and a goal goes, I'm hoping to legitimately get under 16 and to not fall down. Beyond that, it would be nice to finish the last 800 strong, as I know if I wait to accelerate until the last lap that all the real track runners will make short work of me.

Training: Today, 6 miles, 41:54, 6:59 pace
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles at about 7 minute pace


Evan said...

"if I wait to accelerate until the last lap that all the real track runners will make short work of me."

Could be the other way round. 400m at the end of a 5km has more to do with marathoning strength than footspeed.

Michael said...

Best of luck!

Abadabajev said...

Start conservative. Save some energy for elbow pushing LOL. Don't be shy to push your way out of tight situation. If anyone gives you lips, make those tight fists of yours.

Good luck

Marc said...

Heres to hoping your seed sprouts a sub-16, and that you don't fall down.

Eric said...

Echoing Evan's comment, if you run correctly, you will feel like you're kicking the last 400, you just won't be slowing down like all the punks you're passing.

Mark said...

run fast! get that sub-16

Dusty said...

Good luck tonight! Sounds like the Mt. SAC relays, when I ran the 10,000 there back in the very early 90's and they were pulling people off the track with a lap left because the timers got confused. Well, hopefully lapping people will keep you going at a good pace - I always found that kind of senerio to be helpful, as long as you and your timer don't lose track of how many laps you have completed.

Random tip - I always paused at the gun and then shot into the inside lane while eveyrone duked it out in the outside, I always ended up in a great spot & not exhausted - a buddy from another college actually said their coach video taped my trick.

Go get 'em and set a new PR!!

fartleker said...

So, what spikes are you wearing? Good luck Mike! I'll be rooting for you from ABQ.

Love2Run said...

So you're now a midpack runner?? Go get those young bucks!