Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nudge, Nudge

Today was fairly short for a long run, and while I kept waiting to get comfortable at pace it just never happened. Getting to bed late and getting up early certainly didn't help things, but I can't really blame one bad night of sleep for a less than stellar run.

I set out this morning hoping to cover 14 miles at a steady rate, and only running 7 miles yesterday should have made this feel easy. Instead I kept feeling like I had to continuously nudge myself along in order to slowly bring the average pace down throughout the run. Normally I try to tackle these efforts as progression runs, starting in the mid to low 7's per mile and gradually getting things down into the high to mid 6's. The legs weren't sore, but I noticed my feet were hitting the ground a little harder, and the quads felt a bit "full", for lack of a better word.

When I finished the run I was happy to be done, which hasn't been the case often these days. Usually I'm game for at least a few more miles and I finish pretty full of energy, but not today. Hopefully catching up on fluids and getting some more rest tonight will find me fresh for a run with some other locals tomorrow. They'll probably take it easy on me.

Training: 14 miles, 1:30:48, 6:32 pace, a bit tired


Dusty said...

Don't beat yourself up, everyone has off days and lack of sleep can actually hit you harder than you expect. Sometimes, no problem.. others - flat on your back. Just be glad you don't have to do daylight savings time - this Monday sucks! haha

D said...

It's amazing how sleep (or a lack thereof) affects us. Your speed is amazing.

CUTE VIDEO starring FINN! VERY CUTE. I wonder who he is trying to emulate. . .