Friday, March 09, 2007

Running and Waffles

After yesterday's workout at the track I was glad to get a call from Lucas asking to join me for a run this morning. He was recovering from his own workout, and the thought of following his plan of 50 minutes easy sounded great. We both seemed to have fairly heavy legs, so were certainly in no hurry while tracing most of the original Slow Down loop.

While the run was relaxing, coming home and opening the door to the olfactory festival that is Kiera's waffle factory was easily the highlight of the morning. The good of 7.5 miles traveled was easily circumvented by the choice to indulge in a second waffle, but it was well worth it. Hope everyone out there had a good run today.

Training: 7.5 miles, 52 minutes or so, 6:55 pace

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