Monday, March 12, 2007


For some reason my stomach hasn't been cooperating with me. During yesterday's 12 miles with a group of other runners I constantly had my eye on the horizon, hoping for the sudden and miraculous appearance of a porta-john. Eventually the run route passed near where my brother lives, so I sent the guys on a short loop I knew while I stopped in to use the facilities. By the time the run was over I was more than happy to be home, and the rest of the day found me feeling a little off. I blamed dinner the night before for my woes, and hoped things would be better when I woke up today.

Well, no such luck. I ended up sticking close to Sabino Canyon's visitor center out of necessity, and once again I was very happy to get home. I did get in my five prescribed laps of 100 sprint, 100 jogs, but unfortunately I had to do the last half mile on the roads after being asked to leave the track (school was in session so I expected it).

I'm a little bugged by the pattern of the last three days, which found me working a little hard for the pace I was running on Saturday, then having stomach issues yesterday and today. I know little bugs like this just happen, but the timing is a drag as the 5K I've been working towards is set for this Friday evening.

Here's how last week went:
Mo: 8 miles
Tu: 10 miles w/3200 in 10:28, 3x400 in 73, 73, 70
We: 10 miles in the morning, 6.2 in the evening
Th: 10 miles w/6x400 in 72, 72, 70, 70, 68, 68
Fr: 7.5 miles
Sa: 14 miles at 6:32 pace
Su: 12.25 miles
Total: 76 miles in 8 sessions

This week is all about sharpening up for the race while scaling back on miles (not that the miles have been through the roof during the last month). Hopefully I can get back that go-fast feeling in plenty of time.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:08:18, 6:50 pace, w/ 1.25 miles of 100 sprints, 100 jogs
Yesterday, 12.25 miles, 1:26:50, 7:06 pace


Yvonne said...

hope you feel 100% again soon. and good luck friday.

Dusty said...

Hope you are feeling good & going fast on Friday.

Could be that you are sick that has your time off - even the first day - sometimes takes a while before we get the full symptoms that we are sick -- lots of people not feeling well in blogland.

Marc said...

Ugh...running with stomach issues is just plain awful.

Maybe its in a previous post, but what is your goal for Friday's 5k?