Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where is my Mind?

First I managed to forget my shoes (I had to drive two miles back to the house for them). Then after warming up and visiting the restroom I left my key in the stall. I realized this after Lucas and I had just jogged a mile to the track from where we park our cars, and I didn't want to delay the workout any longer than I had already after the shoe incident. I felt a bit like Mr. Frumble from our daughter's Richard Scarry books. At least no one stole my shirt today. Speaking of that, there's been a break in the case, so tune in tomorrow. Now back to the track.

The goal was 3200 meters of even 78 second laps. Lucas, who was running 1600's was hoping for 5:10 for his second interval, so it was agreed I would run four laps with him, then finish my interval alone. Lucas is a good pace mule, so I dropped slightly behind his outside shoulder and we got to it. We saw 77, 78, then 80, which is when we switched spots. I think the third lap was more a lapse of concentration than anything, and when we hit the final lap in 78 or so I tried not to be bothered by the 5:14 I saw (I was hoping for 5:12). The second mile found me at 78, 79, 78 and 77, and I finished the 3200 at 10:28.

I felt some stress in the forearms again at about 2K, but otherwise I felt it was a good effort. The lungs were certainly working, but the legs felt like they were just on the limit of what I could run while still feeling fairly smooth. All that said, I'd be lying if I said the 4 extra seconds on the books didn't bother me at all.

When I finished Lucas soon zipped by on his last 1600 repeat, and soon enough he was recovering for his 4x400's (yes, his speedwork session is about double what mine is). I had the go-ahead from coach to run some 200 meter strides or accelerations, so I stepped to the line with him to run the first half of his 400. I ended up actually feeling quite good, so instead of stepping off I ended up finishing the 400 at 73 or so. I joined Lucas for his 200 jog, and felt ready for a little more when he started his second 400. I accelerated a little more slowly this time, reaching cruising speed at about 150 meters in. Again, I just felt easy and went on to another 73. At this point I could feel Mystery Coach giving me the evil eye all the way from his undisclosed location. As we neared the end of the rest I told Lucas I could only do one more, so we agreed I would sit one repeat out in order to join him on the last one. As I jogged in the opposite direction I still felt good, and when I joined Lucas for the last interval the final 100 felt like I was gliding above the track until stopping the watch at 70.

It seems to me that my top cruising speed is still lacking a bit, but the strength and stamina seem to be coming along well. With almost two weeks to go until the race on the track, hopefully it will all come together in time.

Training: 10 miles, w/3200 in 10:28, 3x400 in 73, 73, 70

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Dusty said...

Awesome workout! I could feel the coach's evil eye while reading about your "gave you the ok to run 200s, but kept going for 400..." hmmm. haha! Glad no one stole your car!