Thursday, March 01, 2007

"You can't train hard and race well at the same time." -Arthur Lydiard, quoted in this impressive article.

I think I've subconsciously tried to keep too many balls in the air this week with my training, which seems almost inevitable when I'm feeling good. My run on Monday was perhaps a little long and a little too hilly for the day after the race, and Tuesday's run found me grinding down the pace a bit instead of trying to fully recover before yesterday's track workout. The coach marked both of these days as recovery, but as he says he's not here to "sit on me" (his words) to make sure I take it easy enough on the easy days. As we all know prolonging one's own recovery causes a bit of a domino effect, and it calls for quick action to flick one piece out of the way to keep the chain reaction to a minimum (days instead of weeks). I'm guessing the combination of not recovering enough and the hellacious wind might have made yesterday's track workout less than optimal (plus me being a wimp), and while I felt good during an easy 10K last evening with the Running Shop gang, I knew that this morning was my last chance to break the cycle with a "real" easy day before Friday and Saturday's back to back workouts.

This is where having two young children comes in handy. Twin meltdowns during different stages of the night (one for Kiera to fix and one for me) left me feeling haggard at 3:45am (when Haiden finally fell asleep). The last thing I did before going back to the couch to sleep is to turn off the coffee maker and alarm, which were scheduled to sound a little more than an hour later. I'm on the couch these days as the allergies have been bothersome again, and yesterday's wind most likely didn't help. By the time everyone woke up the pressure was on for both Kiera and me to get our runs in, and since she was chomping at the bit to go while I was still sipping coffee she got the green light first. This is all a long way of saying that by the time I was able to run I felt tired and fried enough to definitely take it easy, and Kiera helped in this regard by loading up the iPod shuffle with tunes for me while I was putting on my shorts.

"The Killers" and I put in 10 miles, with a little help from Ben Folds, The Cure and Modest Mouse towards the end. I ended up feeling good for the run, and I consciously had to hold myself back from dropping the pace during the last two miles or so. Hopefully I'll be rested and ready for tomorrow.

Training: 10 miles, 1:07:20, 6:44 pace


Mark said...

did I read this right, 6:44 pace is now your "real easy" day?

Michael said...

Good for you for recognizing it AND taking action.

Ben Folds and Modest Mouse, I’d forgotten about them… for me, it was the Lemonheads this evening (Hole this morning).

angie's pink fuzzy said...

*rubbing my eyes*

did I read that correctly? you ran to the CURE?!

Abadabajev said...

I wish MC would have sit on you. 6:44 pace way too fast as a recovery run for a 5 min. miler as yourself.

ian said...

I'd like to hear more about this "domino effect." Do you mean that you think too many successive days of recovery gets you out of the intense mindset of training?

Anyway, I'm off to go conceive some children so I have something to force me into recovery.

Mike said...

Thanks for all the comments.
Mark and Abadabajev, some days it's 7:05, some days it's 6:45. It all depends on the other factors (sleep, etc.). As long as I'm feeling relaxed and easy I just go with it.

Ben Folds is just too damn talented (and perhaps too annoying but I like him), and Modest Mouse's new one will no doubt be in my wife's iTunes soon.

Angie, it wasn't choreographed or anything. Kiera says it was "Close to Me". I like that song.

Josh said...

good music. fast workout. certainly a connection.