Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amost Like Training

I've kind of been feeling things out this week as far as my upcoming marathon build goes. I've tried to keep the runs up to at least 10 miles, and I'm getting used to staying out for over 90 minutes a few times a week. It's almost like training.

Yesterday was all about recovering from Friday's hilly effort in Sabino Canyon, so I just took it easy for 10 miles and made a real effort to run slowly. This wasn't hard to do, as the legs were beat. Today I assembled my long-run-all-star group and we took to the roads around my neighborhood for a fairly sedate effort. One 8.5 mile loop had us at 6:55 pace or so, after which a few runners called it good and headed inside for coffee, scones and muffins. For the five of us remaining, another 8 mile loop got us close to the time we were shooting for. Dan, the only runner among us actually training for a marathon needed to keep at it for another 35 minutes or so. I had planned on joining him for the duration after the others stopped, but the combination of the wind, the heat, and the general feeling of being spent altered my plan. I remembered how last week's 20 miler the day after the race had clobbered me for three days afterwards, and I didn't want to repeat the experience with a 10K coming up in a week.

I'm either getting smart or getting soft. The jury is out on this one.

Training: Today, 16.5 miles, 1:51:26, 6:46 pace
Yesterday, 10 miles, 1:11:08, 7:06 pace


Sempre Libera said...

I say "smart," not soft.

I had to laugh at the "jogger" thing in your previous post. I don't identify with the term either!

Eric said...

No, I think the jury has reached a verdict.


Keep it up for the entire build and see what happens!