Monday, April 30, 2007

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

I met Lucas part way through the run today, which meant I took the hilly path towards the Bear Canyon trailhead in Sabino Canyon. Today I left early, which meant I was lucky enough to run over the same big hill four times during the course of the run, twice with Lucas and twice without him.

I could feel a little fatigue from yesterday, which is strange since it wasn't all that tough of a run. With the temperatures rapidly rising around here, I do need to take more care to hydrate and to get out early (two things I didn't manage too well yesterday). I could feel a pretty good sweat after only 30 minutes today, and a check of the temperature revealed that the overnight low was only 65 degrees so it's no wonder.

It's easy to get spoiled running in mild winter temperatures, but now it's time to start paying the piper as summer is knocking on the door.

Training: 10 hilly miles, 1:09:59, 7:00 pace

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Martin said...

geez, that's some good running there Mike!