Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hell Freezes Over

I'm off to Phoenix for a little road trip for work so this is a short one. The coach gave me a simple workout of 5-6 laps of 100 sprints every 200. After cruising through a few neighborhoods I headed up to the rock-hard junior high track, where I can avoid crippling myself on the pavement peeking through lanes 1 and 2 if I stay clear of them. The sun was just starting to rise behind the Catalina mountains and I could barely see in front of me, but I could make out the construction tape rippling in the wind around the big oval. My god, they're repaving the monstrosity.

This meant a change of plans, and I remembered Mystery Coach's suggestion some time ago when I was complaining about this track. while doing 50/50's. He suggested pacing off 100 meters and putting a marker at each end and 25 meters in from each end. This left 50 to sprint in the middle, and 50 to jog (with a quick 180 degree turn) at the ends. I simplified this and hit the baseball field for straight 100 sprints between the dandelions and clover, counting steps and jogging back to the start. While it took more effort to push off strongly, the soft ground and irregular surface seemed to work the supporting muscles a bit and it ended up being a good workout. After twelve of these I headed off into Sabino Canyon for a few more miles before calling it a day. The legs definitely felt loaded up afterwards and a little heavy, but I probably wouldn't have noticed as much if I hadn't dragged them over so many hills afterwards.

Call me crazy, but I like having my legs feel a little heavy early in the week when I have a race scheduled. In the past I only seem to come around and feel fresh for a few days at a time, and I'd rather save it for as close to Friday as I can manage. If I feel good for too long I usually go out, run too hard and ruin it. It's like walking around with money in your pocket- you just end up spending it.

Training: 9.75 miles, 6:46 pace, w/12x100 sprints with 100 jogs in-between


Sempre Libera said...

Oh, I like the idea of running a workout in a field! I might have to try that sometime.

Eric said...

Jingle-jangle. Spare change, mister?

Okay, that wasn't funny. I apologise.

Love2Run said...

Not funny but true. I've got a pocketfull that will get me in trouble for sure. Better spend it now...

Dusty said...

I like the running in the dandylions. I remember our coaches having space marked off in the grass... I suppose we are able to mark that stuff off on our own too.. never thought of that! haha!

I vaguely remember back with my serious training having that heavy leg/feeling fresh thing and agree. But I'm with Eric these days - spare some change??