Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Mighty Wind

The temperature won't be in the 90's for the 5K tomorrow, which will certainly be an improvement over my last attempt on the track for 5K. However, I'm certainly hoping the 25-35 mph winds with 50 mph gusts that we're leaning against today in Tucson will subside in the next 24 hours.

Today I headed out for seven easy, slow miles, just to keep the legs in their usual pattern. I've gotten used to doing most of my runs as a steady progression, and when I started dipping under seven minute pace it took some concentration to keep from speeding things up more as I continued along.

I'm avoiding coming up with a concrete race plan, as I honestly have no idea of how many runners will be in the race or what their times are. I can't imagine it will be any more competitive than the last time, and I would say there is a very good chance that I will be running at least two miles of the race by myself. What I will say is that I will most likely try to run as evenly as possible, and I will not for one second pause behind anyone I come up behind (one of the mistakes I made last time).

Training: 7 miles, 48:39, 6:57 pace


Omniscient said...

Last year, on this exact Friday, Dan and I traveled to Mesa for a 5K on the track. Other than almost fighting the kid who outkicked me as soon as I finished the race, Dan and I had to deal with gusts of 50 mph on the home stretch. I think I ran 15:19 or something but was ready to run about 14:50 in my estimation.

Lets hope the wind dies down.

Eric said...

Good luck, Mike. Looking forward to the race report. And I hope the wind cooperates.

Dusty said...

Good luck!! I'll be cheering for you from the big D! You just got to believe -- just remember when you are getting tired that these things are guts and mental strength. You have them both - so go get your PR! :)

Thomas said...

Good Luck!

Michael said...

Thomas says it best, good luck!

Mark said...

Have good race Mike and set your strategy right to minimize the wind.