Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Holding Back

At absolutely no point during today's run did I feel like moving any faster. After a week without any stressful runs I was starting to get used to the nice feeling of holding back early on, only to crank the pace down a bit towards the end without any difficulty. Instead I found myself quite content to tromp along at a relaxed pace as the body suffered the after-effects of pushing it a bit yesterday. In other words, after 8 days of medium efforts the legs were hit with a taste of what racing feels like again. They needed a break, and I was happy to oblige.

Training: 12 miles, 1:21:55, 6:50 pace


Michael said...

Hi Mike,

How do you feel about the upcoming 5k? I know it’s probably hard to assess, but do you think the return to distance/volume will address the concerns you had? Either way, enjoy!

Mike said...

Honestly I'm worried it's going to be 90 degrees (f) the evening of the race, but there's not a damn thing I can do about that.

Aside from the weather, I will be healthier and there will be less stress (it's not a college meet and I'm not planning on catching a bug this weekend), so I'm optimistic. I think I'm learning where it hurts in these races, where I need to really focus and concentrate, and where I have made mistakes in the past.

As far as doing a bit more volume this and last week, I think its greatest purpose is keeping me out of trouble and feeling good. I'm finding that I'm better at keeping my recovery in check by running fairly strong paces most of the time. It's when I do very hard runs or intervals that I tend to make mistakes by either going harder than I should, going too long at a hard effort, and not going easy enough in the days afterwards. A phrase Eric mentioned comes to mind here..."owning the middle". If I can get 98% there and arrive fresh and not worn out by too much intensity I'm hoping guts will take care of that last 2%.

Blaxabbath said...

Damn Damn Damn Damn!!


Haven't you heard those PSA's on the radio?

"Remember, you're always teaching your kids. React with rage and children will learn that it's alright. Keep your cool, and your children will do the same. This message brought to you by people who think you should just quietly sit by when you observe a baseball umpire perform an obvious injustice."

Michael said...

90F, you do have to be kidding? Rather you then me if that’s the case, I really don’t do well in the heat. It’s 10C (55) now, and on Friday it’s supposed to hit 17C (63) here, it’ll be the warmest day this year. I’ve also been following the weather in London, where it’s been averaging 19C (66) the last few days.

All the best come race day, and here’s hoping you arrive fresh and not worn out ~ cheers

Phil said...

12 miles at 6:50 ... amazing. If it's getting as hot in Tucson as it is in Phoenix that pace is even more incredible.