Thursday, April 05, 2007

No News is Good News

One easy mile into Sabino Canyon with a friend who happened to be passing by, then a steady nine mile progression in and around the nooks and crannies of the Slow Down Loop. The legs feel like the track workout on Tuesday has been forgotten, and the mild temperatures combined with bursts of spring color around the canyon made today obscenely pleasant. While I intended to run a bit slower, things just kept feeling better as I went along so I just went with it.

If anyone subscribes to Running Times, check out Jason Carp's article entitled "Miles to go Before I Sleep". The article has some interesting quotes about training for distance runners by David Costill, Ph.D., professor emeritus of exercise science at Ball State and former director of its Human Performance Laboratory. When asked whether Arthur Lydiard's runners would have run well despite their training rather than because of it Costill says, "I think Lydiard ruined more athletes than he helped." Be prepared for a very different take on optimal mileage. Jack Daniels also contributes to the discussion, albeit with a different view of things.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:06:18, 6:38 pace, w/9 miles at 6:30 pace
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles easy around 7:20 pace


brian said...

Regarding the Running Times article, it's impossible to write anything conclusive about mileage other than it's different for everyone. The article focused on the fact that the runner who runs the most mileage is not necessarily the fastest, which is true. But mileage is just a gateway to the faster stuff. The more miles you run, the stronger you will be, and the more faster stuff you can do. I think a little discussion about periodization would have helped.

Phil said...

Any day running in Sabino Canyon is a great day. Have a great weekend.

Chad said...

Mike, two recent publications made me think of you recently.

1) I rarely read RT or RW but I just picked up that issue today. As soon as I read that part about Lydiard ruining athletes, I thought of you.

2) The local MN running mag has a page devoted to great places to run in the state. People take a photo of their favorite running route and write a few words about it. Well this month, some snowbird took a photo of Sabino Canyon and submitted it. The photo has a "Hazardous Bridge Ahead" sign in it which shows a mt. biker going over the handle bars.