Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Rat Pack

I could barely keep the body on top of the legs today. Perhaps it was all the time spent in the car yesterday, but for whatever reason they were just ready to GO this morning. I ended up running a bit faster than planned, but as the pace kept coming down I remembered to ask myself a few different times if I was relaxed, and whether or not the effort felt at all taxing. Each time the answers were "yes" and "no" respectively, so I just kept at it through the regular Slow Down Loop.

So far temperatures are fairly mild, and while there has been some wind there's a good chance it will die down by Friday. I'll force myself to go slow during tomorrows 6-8 miles, then comes race day.

My wife Kiera has a surprise evening planned for Angie, so it's a dad versus kids night. I'm planning on taking them to Chuck E. Cheese, which will no doubt be a big hit.

Training: 8.25 miles, 53:16, 6:27 pace


Blaxabbath said...

You missed it at the Group Run. Scott was talking about some show on like A&E called 'Intervention' where they just -- you guessed it -- profile people's interventions!

I think it's interesting.

Anyways, I'm doing jersey collections. If you drop yours off with J on Friday night, I can get it from him prolly over the weekend.

Good luck Friday.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

mucho gracias for having a kids night so kiera could give me the most awesome birthday present EVER!