Monday, April 09, 2007


You can't beat a good Easter egg hunt.

It's 8:29pm and I'm watching a TIVO'd Simpsons with a piece of strawberry pie in my lap when it happens. The hand that's been weighing on my shoulder since Friday suddenly releases me. Maybe it was just putting my feet up, or maybe it was the pie. Regardless of the reasons for the timing of it all, it was a very real feeling, and I was thankful for it.

Finn's alarm beat mine this morning by three minutes when he woke at 4:42. While it took some time to make it out on the road, when I finally did I felt good almost immediately. A few 7 minute miles felt smooth and easy, and once again the feet felt light and seemed to be landing smoothly. I followed much of the same route as yesterday, but the run felt so much easier by comparison.

I finished today with a good amount of confidence that I'm still in pretty good shape. The 5K is going to be a challenge, but with decent weather I feel I can get in under 16.

Training: 12 miles, 1:16:09, 6:21 pace


Abadabajev said...

Eric made me look up Zinc. Interesting.

Here it goes

Deficiency of zinc

There is a shortage of zinc in many people's diet, since zinc is destroyed in the milling process and is also lost in cooking. A deficiency will result in an under-performing immune system, open to infections, allergies, night blindness, loss of smell, falling hair, white spots under finger nails, skin problems, sleep disturbances etc.

Marc said...
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Marc said...

"Maybe it was just putting my feet up, or maybe it was the pie."

Don't underestimte the power of the Simpsons.

Phil said...

The Simpson's as running therapy. I think you're on to something big.

You'll knock 'em dead at the 5K