Monday, April 16, 2007

What's Going on Here?

An easy 6-8 planned miles turned into 10 this morning, and for some unknown reason I felt fantastic. This is after a 5K on Friday night and another 5K yesterday, which is perplexing. I seem to be in pretty good shape for anything except a PR 5K.

The coach seems to be giving me a free pass for the next few weeks in expectation of the coming build for Chicago, which officially starts in May. Easy runs and sharpeners are the marching orders, though I'm still hoping to perform well for a cross country 5K this weekend, then a 10K on May 6 and a 5K on May 20 (they're all on the sidebar if you want links).

I will have raced about triple my usual amount this spring, with a total of seven 5K's, one 8K and two 10K's. While it's a bit of a drag that I have nary a PR to show for it, I have enjoyed getting the experience (and there's still a shot for one PR on May 20).

You can never give up.

Training: 10 miles, 1:06:37, 6:40 pace


Abadabajev said...

Welcome back.

You sound in a good mood. If you stick with these easy runs this week, and let the super compensation take effect, I'll bet you'll surprise yourself this weekend coming.

Well done on your 2nd 5k race 36 hours later. I was elated to read that you were able to replicate your time. Very nice. You fitness level has gone up a notch I believe.

Think 'muffin' runs with the kids this week.

Mike said...

Abadabajev, your last comment about "breakdancing on the roof" did get me thinking a bit about obsessing over seconds. It's not like I'm just missing the Olympic trials "A" standard or anything with my plateau at the 5K.

Thanks for the reminder that at the end of the day this stuff is fun.

Phil said...

Great "recovery" run after back to back 5Ks. Although you didn't PR, it still must be nice to click on the RESULTS page of any race and see your name pop up in the top 5! Your in fantastic shape.

And kudos to Lucas for his child care efforts. It nice to have friends.