Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why Tempt Fate?

I made the mistake of making a joke about "not planning on getting sick again" before the 5K coming up in response to a comment. I probably don't need to tell you what happened next. Kiera and I simultaneously got hit with something mean from the virus family on Friday. I won't go into the gory details, but neither of us was very interested in eating, or even remaining upright long enough to feed and put our kids down. Eventually we both went to sleep without dinner at about 7:30 and remained there until the kids woke us up on Saturday. I still couldn't eat come morning, and a run seemed out of the question. For a change of pace I actually listened to my stomach, achy joints and throbbing head and took a day off from running. By Saturday afternoon I was eating again, and I set the alarm for 4am in hopes of keeping our Sunday schedule of Mike's run/Easter egg hunt/Kiera's run all before temperatures climbed into the 80's.

I felt about 85% or so as I trudged down the street, with only a goal of running until I needed to be back home. I finally checked my pace at about 7 miles and saw 6:52 when I was expecting 6:45 or so, which meant I was a bit more tired than I realized. After nine miles I put in one mile around marathon pace just to see what it felt like. It could have been worse.

Kiera seems to be close to 100%, and I guess I'll be right there with her come tomorrow. I seem more susceptible to these bugs nowadays, and while I guess it's unavoidable it sure is damn annoying. What was shaping up to be a good week ended with a whimper:

Mo: 10 at 6:38
Mo: 4 easy with Finn in the stroller, 7:30's
Tu: 10 miles w/ 1 mile at 5:53, 5:02, 5:53, then 3/4 mile in 3:48, +4x400 (73-75)
We: 12 miles at 6:50
We: 6.2 easy
Th: 10 miles w/9 at 6:30 pace
Fr: 12 miles w/10 at 5:57 pace
Sa: Sick, off
Su: 10 at 6:43
Total: 74 miles in 9 sessions

The big 5K is Friday.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:07:16, 6:43 pace, w/last mile at 5:57
Yesterday, big zero


Phil said...

I don't know many people who would consider running 7 miles at 6:52 "trudging", especially after being very sick the day before. I was down in Tucson visiting my daughters today and got a chance to visit the Agua Caliente Hill Trail out to the east of Tucson. I was incredibly pretty out there today. You're a very lucking guy to have such great places to run.

Eric said...

That 12 w/10 at 5:57 is going to pay some dividends at the race on Friday. Nice week, Mike.