Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I thought I had escaped unscathed after not scoring on the last vomit count chart when Kiera and the kids were sick a few weeks back. Unfortunately, a stomach bug hit me like a truck last evening and a run was simply not in the cards today. I'm on to toast and gatorade (I definitely need the fluids right now), and I'll just be taking it easy.

I had an inkling something was wrong yesterday afternoon when I took daughter Haiden and her friend to Chuck E. Cheese, but I attributed the daze I was in to the noise level and the flashing lights. The run yesterday morning was fine, with 9 miles getting covered before returning home. I ran my two miles at 5:45 on the track without too much difficulty, but I certainly didn't feel "on" or ready to run much longer at that pace. The heart rate was 156 immediately afterwards, and down to 116 by a minute.

Time to rest.

Training: Today, 0
Yesterday: 9 miles, 1:00:44, 6:41 pace, w/2 miles time trial in 5:44, 5:42


Sempre Libera said...

Feel better soon!

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Dusty said...

Glad you are listening to your body - get well soon!!