Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Data Mining

"Hope all this is useful," I thought to myself as I finished taking my heart rate after my third mile repeat. The workout today consisted of three times one mile, with the first two at 5:34 and the last one fast. The rest intervals were about 1:26 or so, or whatever would get me to seven minutes even before starting again.

A 3.5 mile warm up brought me to the track by the house, and since the first two repeats were around 10K pace I didn't bother with any strides, skips or cartwheels. Both the first and second mile came quite easily, and I found myself having to back off a bit after hitting each of the first 400's closer to 80 than my planned 83. My heart rate immediately after each of the first two reps was 152, and I was pretty much ready to tackle the last mile after the second rest.

When I hit the watch and dug in I thought about my plan of trying to run fast and relaxed, more like the first mile of a good 5K than the last mile when arms start flapping and knees go a-knockin'. I figured hitting 75's for the first 800 would be a good start, then if I felt good I would try to dig in a bit more during the last 800. 400 came in 74 and found me feeling good, but I found myself at 2:31 for 800 without much gumption left to crank the pace down. I thought I was holding steady as I began to get behind my breath, but the 3:48 at 1200 showed I was slowly losing ground. For the last 400 I tried my best to focus on good form, thinking it would bring me back to pace. I was pushing well off the forfoot and the arms were in check, but even with a little acceleration over the last 200 I came across the line in 5:01. The heart rate was 168 directly after, and a long jog home brought the run out to 9 miles.

All in all I'm happy with the effort, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed to go under 5 for the last one. Granted, if I had really "raced" the last lap I could have made it, but I figured saving the flailing finish for the race would be a better idea.

I'm hoping collecting heart rates along with noting the efforts associated with them will help establish a baseline for the training that's in store for the marathon. I can say that 5:30 pace feels better than it ever has, but 5 minute pace is another story entirely.

Training: 9 miles, 58:30, 6:30 pace, w/3x1 mile on 7 minutes in 5:32, 5:33, 5:01


Love2Run said...

Yeow! That's cranking em Mike. You had that much in the tank to bring your last one down almost 30 sec? Sub 5 would've been sweet but save it for the race. Nice work.

Bruce said...

Nice work out Mike, you're in good form , have a great race.

Dusty said...

Soooooo close!

M. Tate said...

I had a similar experience yesterday during a tempo run. One of my miles was 6:00 on the nose, and I was kinda hoping to see a 5 in there. I know the frusteration, but that was still one heck of a workout.