Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Daylight? We Got That

It's warming up in Tucson, and the sun is peeking up over the mountains a bit earlier each day. Now that Kiera is starting to run longer in the mornings it's become necessary to set the alarm for the ungodly hour of 4am in order for both of us to get our runs in. I took the early shift and was surprised at how bright it was even at 4:45, though my eyes were barely open enough to register it.

I took it fairly easy today and followed most of my route from yesterday. While the legs felt fairly good, I'm trying to mind the recovery to stay fresh for the upcoming marathon build as well as the 5K in 10 days. It will be my absolute last chance to break 16 minutes for the spring, and I believe I'm in as good or better shape than I was before running 16:07 (my current PR) on the same course a year ago.

Going into this race last year I ran the same two races I just completed. For the 10K last weekend I improved by a paltry 6 seconds, but for the 5K a little earlier I managed 26 seconds better. I'm planning on a short-ish speed workout tomorrow, which should give me a little more feedback on my current state of fitness. The endurance isn't as bad as I thought it would be, or at least the last two miles of the 10K being my fastest on Sunday indicate such. I do worry about my turnover a bit, since I really didn't seem to be able to turn the legs over quickly on the downhill portions of the same race. The workout tomorrow and a little speed next week will hopefully help with that.

Training: 11 miles, 1:13:40, 6:42 pace


Dusty said...

Good luck with the race!! Is this on the road or another track 5k?

Mike said...

I'm through with the track, at least for the spring. This is a fast road course around a park in town. It's certified and fairly flat. In other words, no excuses!