Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Good One

Sooner or later a good one comes along. Hopefully it's followed soon after by another one, and perhaps you start stringing them along. If you're lucky and stick with it, eventually the tide turns and instead of the occasional good day sandwiched between much mucking along you find yourself in the enviable position of being in shape. Those bad, slogging days become so infrequent that they actually surprise you when they appear.

At least this is how I want it to be.

I haven't felt "on" since Friday of last week, so quite honestly I was due this morning. I could feel last evening's 10K of running in the legs as Lucas and I trudged off for our two mile warm up at 6:30 (we took the second running shift today as Kiera headed out early). While dragging my toes at 7:40 pace it seemed improbable that I would be comfortable holding 6:12 pace for 7 miles, but after a pit-stop at the grocery store (the stomach still isn't right) we got down to it. This workout was identical to last Friday, and oddly enough it felt easy once we got going. We were ahead of pace for the first two miles before making an effort to ease off a little, and with the exception of feeling it a little on the uphills during the last two miles it really went well. Being greeted by scones when we arrived home only heightened the mood. "Just Chocolate!", Haiden yelled when I asked her what kind (she has a habit of picking anything out of baked goods that isn't chocolate so Kiera saved her the trouble).

I'm in week two of the two-day bike commute, which for some devilish reason corresponds with the days of my back to back workouts. I wasn't as thrilled to get on the bike this morning, but by the time I arrived at work the legs felt good for the spinning.

Training: 10 miles, 1:04:56, 6:30 pace, w/7 miles at 6:09 pace
Yesterday p.m., 6.2 miles in 42 minutes


Omniscient said...

I would pay good money for those scones.

Glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat normal again.

Mike said...

J, you should have gotten up early and skipped the mountain today! Join me for 16 tomorrow and you'll get your chance at day-old-scones (still quite good). Good luck Saturday night.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh, man, "just chocolate" kiera scones...I'm dying over here...

guess you aren't doing the downtown 5k? you and the fam should come out and cheer me on (y'all would get to meet chris that way...) (not that everything is about me, nope, not at all, no way) ;)

Team Schmitty said...

careful mike, you might start liking that bike a little too much and then all of a sudden you'll be back at the shootout and doing intervals up A mtn again