Saturday, May 12, 2007

Legs vs. Calendar

Legs win!! With a busy schedule at work this week, which includes 11-12 hours spent at an art show today, I let the calendar decide when to do my long run. I ended up planning it for the day after my 5x1000 intervals, but the legs simply would not have it. I found myself at the bottom of Gut Check Alley, 5 miles from home and in serious doubt about making it back home. The pace was slow, the legs were tired, and my body just wasn't in the mood. I ended up just jogging home and calling it at 10 miles.

Today I set the alarm again for 4:15 with hopes of making another attempt at 16 miles before Angie dropped by to run with Kiera. I awoke feeling worlds better than yesterday after getting to bed early, and after the first mile passed in 7:05 I knew I was back after some forced recovery. I ended up progressively dropping the pace mile by mile, and by mile 10 the average pace was down in the 6:40's. I didn't feel any fatigue until mile 13, but after that I did drag a little while continuing to drop the pace.

That's it for now since I'm supposed to be watching 3 kids right now.

Training: Today, 16 miles, 1:44:35, 6:32 pace, felt great but a little tired for last 3
Yesterday, 10 miles, 1:08:10, 6:49, felt like crap

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angie's pink fuzzy said...

you posted while supposedly watching my son?! gasp!


you were in great spirits saturday, i figured it must have been a decent run.