Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lowest Number Wins

The vomit count:
Kiera: 1
Finn: 3
Haiden: 4 (bonus point for two episodes in the middle of the night)
Mike: 0

No time to post or run yesterday as the latest illness to strike our household found a host in Kiera after inhabiting son Finn then daughter Haiden. Yesterday my job was to keep the kids away from Kiera (and pretty much away from the house) so that she could get some rest. Their exciting day included watching me pack a bronze at the gallery where I work, a trip to the park, a second trip to the park with bathing suits to enjoy the "splashpark", cheezybread from the pizza place nearby, and mac'n'cheese at a local noodle place.

By the end of the day I was quite exhausted, but this morning found everyone in good spirits. Kiera is out of bed and eating again, and I hit the road for 6 easy miles in preparation for the 5K tomorrow. I felt great and had to work hard to keep the pace as slow as 7 minutes per mile, so I'm guessing I'm ready.

The goal tomorrow is by now a familiar one: break 16 minutes. This course is where I ran my PR a year ago, and by a look at my improvements in time over the past two races (when compared to last year), I feel I have it in me. I'll have Shane to chase (the guy who beat me at the cross country race and at the last 10K), as well as the fellow who outsprinted me at the same 10K. All of us will most certainly have sub-16 on the brain, and if I run with courage I feel I can do it.

Speaking of courage, my friend and blog-buddy Eric knocked his first marathon out of the park with a stellar 2:33 for 2nd place in Fargo. Mystery Coach deserves credit for keeping Eric on course, and hearing about this race really made me happy.

Training: Today, 6 miles, 41:30, 6:55 pace


Eric said...

Good luck at the race tomorrow. Hopefully that forced zero day will give you the strength you need to crack break through to the 15s. Race well!

Thanks for the props by the way, and you are right on--Mystery Coach directed my energy masterfully. Now, if I only knew who the hell he was, I could send him his share of the winnings!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the race, and may the sick get well!

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Michael said...

All the best at the 5k, hope it goes well for you.

Bruce said...

Good luck again, hope you get your PR and 15 minutes something. Your son's name wouldn't have anything to do with your liking of Crowded House would it?

Mike said...

What's up with the Sanyo Massage Chair?

Thanks for the comments. Eric, maybe if we work hard on the coach he'll show up for Twin Cities. I'm not sure you'll be in for as much of a payday there to share with him, but perhaps we could buy him a steak dinner.

Bruce, Finn's real name is Griffin, but he was supposed to be "Caleb". A day before he was born I asked my wife if we could pick a different name because I just couldn't say Caleb with that hard "b" on the end. Somewhere in the back of my mind was the green cover of the original Finn Brothers' album though. They played a great show here in Arizona a few weeks back.

Thomas said...

Just don't get sick for the race yourself! Have a good one.

Dallen said...

Good luck with tomorrow's attempt.