Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Optimist

I took it fairly easy this morning, with the exception of a quick detour to the track for six laps of 100 sprints, 100 jogs. I've found that of all the sharpening workouts I've tried, this particular variation seems to really make me feel good without tiring me out. Something about digging in hard around the turns for 200's seems to put pressure on me, and the 50-50's just get annoying after awhile, so 100's seem to be the sweet spot for now.

It's always amusing to have the Garmin on for these because it tends to be a little optimistic when it comes to pace and distance on the track. My six laps somehow netted me 1.53 miles even though I was scraping the rail for most of the short workout. Still, it's a nice tool for the longer stuff and the marathon pace runs and Kiera seems to get as much use out of it these days as I do.

Work is back to "nuts" for ten days or so, which probably means lots of short posts like these. I look forward to the summer months when hopefully this blog can get a bit more introspective again.

Training: 10 miles, 1:06:21, 6:40 pace, w/ 1.5 miles of 100 sprints, 100 jogs in 8:28
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles in 43:32, very comfortable

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