Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Save it for Later

By yesterday afternoon I was back to eating, and it felt like I was getting my strength back after a horrible night and morning. By all accounts our son Finn has what I had, though he's taking a little longer to get past it. While it's no fun having a stomach bug, it's heartbreaking when one of your little ones is put through the wringer by a virus.

I played things cautiously this morning, heading out for 7 miles on a loop that kept me within a mile of either the bathroom at home or similar facilities at Sabino Canyon. I'm still not quite right, so I definitely took it easy and could feel a bit of pressure whenever I climbed a hill of any mention. I still have another 10K to jog tonight with the Running Shop gang, and I'm hoping by the end of it that I'll feel like myself again.

Tomorrow starts the weekly back to back workouts, so by then I hope to be back in the pink.

Training: 7 miles, 48:46, 6:58 pace. Still a bit off


edinburghrunner said...

I was going to say be careful not to overdo it, but it sounds like you have that under control.

Bruce said...

Hope you got through the 10K okay. 80 miles last week was a good number, good luck with it.

Mark said...

sounds like the immune system took a hit with the first week (or so) of marathon conditioning--welcome back and looking forward to your build

Michael said...

Glad to see things are coming back under control (having been there just over a week ago). As Mark said, I'm looking forward to your marathon build, best of luck!

Dusty said...

Glad you are starting to feel a bit better - hope you get well quick!