Wednesday, May 02, 2007


What trail? Standing still in the sandy Rattlesnake creek bed while scratching my head really brings the average pace up for a run. My quest for easy, no-stress running led me to the Esperero trail in Sabino Canyon, which links with the Rattlesnake trail, which spat me out into this sandy creek bed with nary a cairn in sight. I eventually found my way out by just heading downstream, but I was surprised at just how much damage the flooding of this area caused.

A few minutes later I crossed the main road in the canyon and took another trail that crossed Sabino Creek, which again left me constantly hunting for the proper path. I'm much more familiar with this section, but it's still easy to lose track of where I'm going if I'm not careful.

Eventually I found my way out of the canyon and ran the last three miles of the run at a relaxed 6:40 pace. After the constant climbing, descending, rock-hopping and trail searching, getting back on the pavement and stretching the legs out felt good. Later, when I got home and asked my wife about the Rattlesnake trail she couldn't understand the difficulties I had. She mentioned how easy the trail was to follow after following it 30 or 40 times. I'll just take her word on that.

Training: 9 miles, 1:06:42, 7:25 pace


angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh yeah - those are the sections of trail where I just follow Kiera. I have no clue how to navigate either section. The first few times through on the lower section - even with kiera - it took quite some time to locate the trail!

good stuff :)

Blaxabbath said...

Pffff -- women. Am I right?!