Sunday, June 17, 2007

7 Hours and Counting

It's been a long week for me, but thankfully the wife returns this evening from Scrappapalooza '07. Kiera's been gone since Wednesday afternoon, and while the house hasn't quite descended into Lord of the Flies, it has been a change from the usual.

Lesson Number Two for single-parent wrangling: Spaghetti is just a bad idea (though Finn likes the garlic toast).

Yesterday I made sure to run easy, and I ended up finishing 12 miles feeling fairly fresh. Temperatures have been in the 80's for my 7 a.m. runs this week, which has definitely made me more aware of how much I need to drink. Today I dropped the kids off at my brother's house and got in a quick 8 miles, which included a two mile net downhill evaluation run at 5:35 pace. The coach advised me to cover 2-3 at 5:40, but the opportunity to follow a straight but slightly downhill road while facing out of the sun pretty much made a 5:40 effort into 5:35's. The heart rate was at 160 immediately afterwards, but I figure the heat was good for at least 6 of those beats per minute.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Time to get back to mine.

Training: Today, 8 miles, 53:01, 6:39 pace, w/2 mile evaluation run at 5:35 pace
Yesterday, 12 miles, 1:22:54, 6:54 pace
Miles for the week: 82 in 7 sessions


Abadabajev said...

Finn is carbo loading LOL :)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy father's day!

Dusty said...

Happy Father's Day!! I love your lessons.

Hey just realized I missed one of your days of blog - you watched the NCAA T&F? I thought I caught the end of that on gosh, last weekend? Thought they said (whoo hoo! my team) Sun Devil women won. Was there another day of it - if so - are there more? I'm so bummed that I only saw the last event and they said who won. I would have loved to watch the entire thing or at least a few distance events. Let me know if you do know - also, how did UofA do? They are usually amazing.

Thomas said...

Did he put his face into the bowl?

I find cutting the spaghetti into very small pieces helps a lot for anyone under the age of 4.

I think he's starting to look more and more like you (apart from the pasta sauce all over the face, I mean).

Quinto Sol said...

I am sorry to be so annal, but 10 miles in 53:01 is 5:18 pace, something is amiss. Was it 66:31???

Mike said...

Thomas, we usually go with the fusilli, Finn just tends to paint his face with whatever sauce is on the plate.

Quinto, it was only 8 miles. My goof at the bottom has been corrected.