Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Again With the Running

Easy 10 this morning, though it seems to get just a bit warmer in the mornings with each passing day. This was another easy "daydream" run, and while I was originally hoping for 12 the legs just felt done after about an hour so I started to head home. I knew I had another Pilates session to attend before work (only two left after today which means you won't have to read about it anymore), so I needed to save a little strength. Also I'm hoping to join the gang at the shop for an easy 10K in 100+ degree temps after work. At least we go get sandwiches afterwards.

While I'm not flying through all of my runs I do feel like I'm starting to make some progress during this new conditioning phase. It's getting easier to stay out for a few extra miles during some runs, and I am managing to survive the back to back workouts. On the mental front I'm still feeling fresh and ready to go, and there is some satisfaction that comes along with feeling like I'm just plain getting back into shape.

Training: 10 miles,1:08:50, 6:53 pace

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