Monday, June 11, 2007

Brick by Brick

I'm trying to get an early start on the miles this week as Kiera will be heading out of town beginning Wednesday afternoon and not returning until Sunday evening. Thankfully Kiera's mom will help us out a great deal during this time, as I'm only able to get 3 of the five days off from work to watch the kids. Best of all, she's planning on coming over early enough for me to get in a run on each day of my wife's absence, which is above and beyond the call of duty.

With all this in mind I headed out for 90 minutes under overcast skies. While I definitely felt better than during my last long run, I had the same sensation of fairly dead legs. I had no plans to run fast, so I just settled in and put in all the minutes over a fair amount of hills.

Tomorrow calls for another run to the top of the road in Sabino Canyon, which means a steady grind up several hills. This same run last week seemed to set me up well for Thursday's workout, and I'm hoping this week it will do the same.

On the homefront, our son Finn will turn two next week. He was born on Father's Day. Also, at four years of age daughter Haiden is starting to get beyond simply scribbling her own name and has moved on to expressing herself a bit with the written word. Her best effort so far was a sign she made and taped to her door.

It simply reads- "No Finn"

Training: 13 miles, 1:29:36, 6:53 pace


kconnor said...

Hi Mike,
Not really apropos for this entry but I saw this article about neuromas and thought you might be interested.

Sempre Libera said...

Smart girl! ;-)

angie's pink fuzzy said...


and let me know if you need any additional help this week

Dusty said...

Nice mother-in-law! Happy early birthday to Finn!