Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Get Out and Stay Out!

I stayed up too late last night looking at guitar effects pedals on ebay and typing emails, so when the coffee maker started sputtering at 3:58 it just seemed too soon. Still, with another runner in the house being held captive until my return I had no choice but to get out there and get back before it got too hot. I was hoping for 13 miles or 90 minutes, and as it turned out the first goal was reached about a minute before I would have hit the second goal.

I'm feeling the rut of the 10 milers these days, and it's something I need to make sure I get over. It feels like the fuel system starts to shift between an hour and 85 minutes (especially with a belly full of coffee and no food), so making a point of staying out past this "switch" will hopefully get the body storing more glycogen. Plus, I admit to feeling a bit guilty about the low mileage total last week as well as the zero on Monday.

All in all it was a good run, and I tried to follow the coach's suggestion to daydream and take it easy on these in-between workout days. I have another 6 planned this evening with the Running Shop gang, even though the weatherman predicts 40 MPH gusts (should be fun), and tomorrow starts the back to back series for the week (8 miles at 150-155BPM). Time to break out the heart rate monitor again.

Training: 13 miles, 1:29:00, 6:52 pace


Eric said...

oooo...what pedals are you looking at!? I'm a bit of a pedal freak, even though I don't own any (just a couple of fx processors). My singular ambition, in terms of guitar toys anyway, is to find an original Big Muff. I just about had someone *give* me one a few years back, but for whatever reason it fell through.


Hey, my word verification word was dawsnes. Kind of cool. Why don't you turn verification off? Pleeease.

Mike said...

Maybe for you I'll turn it off...not.

I like effects with goofy names. So far I have a Hotcake, a Fix My Duck and a POG. My delay pedals just have boring names like DM-3 and DD20 (yawn).

Mike said...

Oh, I had a Big Muff (green Russian one) but I called it the Big Muffle because of the crappy bypass. That thing just sucked tone when it was off and I hadn't heard of bypass loops back then.