Friday, June 22, 2007

Long and Hot, but Done

After feeling great at the beginning of last week's long(ish) run I was surprised to find myself a bit flat when I headed out the door today. I had 2h 20 minutes scheduled, and luckily for me my pals Lucas and Mud Run World Champion Jason (shown in action here) agreed to join me for much of it. I knocked out 45 minutes or so on my own before heading back to the house to meet them at 6am, but unfortunately it was already close to 80 degrees. We headed out for my second loop in earnest, and it seemed that the three of us were all in a similar frame of mind: Just get it done.

We covered the down and up loop first, which mercifully includes only half of Gut Check Alley, and by the time we climbed back up to even ground we all desperately needed a drink. A quick pitstop into the supermarket we passed helped a bit, but I was parched again only a few miles later. Lucas took a shorter route home, leaving me and Jason to finish off the last four hilly miles through Sabino Canyon and a few neighborhoods.

When we finally got to the driveway I was glad to be done. It was a day of good, solid work, made more difficult by temperatures that will be the norm for two or three months. While I thought I was doing the guys a favor by letting them have a later start (I would have preferred to meet at 5 or 5:15), the heat definitely took a toll on all of us. Still, after a gallon of water and a few homemade scones it didn't seem all that bad.

Training: 20.7 miles, 2:19:50, 6:46 pace


Bruce said...

Well done sticking it out in that heat Mike.

Michael said...

Makes me thankful for our still cool weather, remind me when summer starts?

P.s. nice (long) run!

Quinto Sol said...

Scones?? Scones??? Yummy.