Monday, June 18, 2007

Pump it Up?

This is the name of the place we are off to this morning. Apparently it's a huge, air-conditioned warehouse full of fantastic inflatable jump-ons. I made the mistake of showing daughter Haiden the coupon they sent us in the mail and it's been on her mind ever since. The wife is back, and since parents and siblings under 2 play free, we're all off to make the most of Haiden's $6 admission.

I was thrilled to get out at 5 this morning for a run after three days of running after 7, when it's already in the 80's and the sun is high in the sky. This was an easy daydream run with no eye on the pace, and the legs felt surprisingly light throughout. I found myself a little tired for the last mile, but this is often the case since it's uphill. I'm looking forward to a good week.

Lastly, congrats to Chad on his 2:57 PR marathon at Grandma's this past weekend under wilting temperatures. He had a very solid race with amazingly consistent splits. Nice work.

Training: 13 miles, 1:26:56, 6:42 pace. Feet felt light today


angie's pink fuzzy said...

ash had me write in his diary just this morning:

i'm so sad that i don't know if i can do anything with my sadness. i don't know if i can go to pump it up today.

Dusty said...

Ahhh sound like a great run. Just on auto-pilot. Hope you survived Pump it up! :)

Chad said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Mike. We have "Pump It Ups" here too. I think they're a lot of fun myself.

Happy Birthday to Finn. I really enjoyed that stage - I always loved to watch the language skills develop.