Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Slow Start

Similar efforts, quite different results:
6/18- 13 miles, 6:42 pace, felt light
6/19- 12 miles, 6:32 pace, hills in Sabino Canyon

6/25- 13 miles, 7:00 pace, a bit tired
6/26- 12 miles, 6:46 pace, hills in Sabino Canyon

I'm a little surprised to see this week starting off slower than last week, though yesterday's run was a hilly and sedate affair with my pal Lucas in tow. Today I felt fine, but I never settled into a faster pace like I did a week ago.

My guess is that the long run took a little more out of me than I thought, and Saturday's increased effort for the same speed during the 2 mile evaluation run affirms this. I think I'm pretty close to the edge of what I can absorb at this point, and while I would rather find myself at this point after a 110 mile week, it looks like mileage in the low-90's along with a decent long run is all it takes.

My goal this week is not to force things, and with some good recovery I'll hopefully find myself zipping along a bit faster with the same amount of effort next week. Brick by brick and all that.

Training: Today, 12 miles, 1:20:39, 6:46 pace, same hilly course in the Canyon
Yesterday, 13 miles, 1:30:17, 7:00 pace, easy with Lucas

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