Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Mr. Finn Turns 2

Father's Day two years ago found me out the door very early for a run along Sabino Canyon's Phoneline Trail (yes, this was before the floods washed it away). Kiera was two or three days away from her due date, and of course I wasn't running with a cell phone (never have). I arrived home earlier than what my note on the stove indicated, so instead of going into the house I opened the gate to the backyard and started picking weeds and watering plants while I waited to stop sweating. About this time Kiera rips open the patio door and shouts "Take the world's fastest shower, my water broke!"

Finn arrived with a bit of trauma, which included a snapped umbilical cord, a horde of worried doctors and a whisking off to the N.I.C.U. (intensive care). He started out a bit grey, and I remember feeling every muscle in my body tense as they worked to clear his lungs. Kiera was incredible and unflappable, just like she was when our daughter was born. A bit later, while she was resting, I was allowed into the N.I.C.U.. I finally got to sit down in a rocking chair, hold my son, and get to know him. He surprised me from the start, and he still surprises me daily. Happy birthday Finn.

On a running note, a trip up to Phoenix to see the Police in concert got me home sometime after 1, and the combination of jumping around for an hour in an inflatable wonderland and getting only 4 hours of sleep spelled certain doom for the weekly hill run in Sabino Canyon. Or at least I thought it spelled doom. Somehow things ended up going very well, and while I did tire during the last 2 miles again (like yesterday) I was amazed to see that I covered the same 12 mile course at 6:32 pace that I had run last week at 6:43 pace with no extra effort on my part. I'm hoping this indicates that I'm starting to recover quicker, but I'm glad regardless.

Training: 12 miles, 1:18:20, 6:32 pace


Yvonne said...

what a lovely story. I teared up! Happy Birthday to Finn :)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy birthday finny!!!

Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Finn. Don't give your daddy any more scares like the one at the start!

I thought the inflatables would be for the kids, not the parents.

Mike said...

Thanks all. We had a nice pizza party last night for Finn and he had fun opening presents. Thomas, those inflatables are a bit hard to resist. They had these long, obstacle course ones where Finn needed an escort, so we took turns going along with him. Otherwise he still might be lost in there somewhere.

Greg said...

Apparently our sons share a birthday (although mine is a year older).

Happy Birthday Finn!

Dusty said...

Happy Birthday Finn!!

With all your stories about the kids, you seem like you must be a really great Dad. :)

Sempre Libera said...
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Sempre Libera said...

Happy 2nd, Finn! And I agree that jumping around in an "inflatable wonderland" never gets old!