Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where to Start?

Special thanks to Mystery Coach for yesterday's post. It looks like he's certainly given Mark quite a bit to think about, and I was glad to read more about the analysis behind the different types of evaluation runs. One thing I like about "easier" (sub-max heart rate) evaluations is how it can remove the psychological pressure that's usually present during an all out effort (at least for me), which I think can skew the results of what should be a test of fitness (rather than will). As mentioned, sub-max evaluations are also much easier to recover from.

As far as my running goes, Saturday morning ended up being a nice run of 8 miles to recover from the Thursday/Friday block, and Saturday night was a fun 5K run through downtown. See Angie's report for details on the race (including turkey-dodging). I volunteered to help some for this one and ran it more to participate, and I ended up running 18:26. It was fun to just run and enjoy the race, and afterwards I caught a free showing of Chariots of Fire. The night ended with a burger at In and Out and me hitting the pillow after midnight (both rare occurrences).

Sunday was a ridiculously hot 10 brisk miles at 6:36 pace. I ran after Kiera finished her own 12 mile run, so the sun was really cooking down. This wasn't good after running in the heat Saturday night, and I spent much of the rest of the weekend just trying to catch up on my fluid intake. After the run I jumped in the car and brought daughter Haiden up to Mesa so we could visit my folks. Haiden is always begging to go up and visit, and since I have longer weekends in the summer I'm trying to accomodate her more. I got to see how the other half live (the other half being people who pay for HBO) by watching the Sopranos and Entourage, which meant another late (but entertained) night.

Monday I wasn't able to run while in Mesa, and while I probably should have gone out after getting home, going to dinner and putting the kids down I just wanted to sleep. A year ago I would have gone out regardless of the circumstances, and I'm still trying to figure out which approach will help me more in the end.

Today found me ready to roll when the alarm beeped at 4, and 11 hilly miles followed.

This is the profile of the hilly run I should be doing every week. It ended up getting bumped for two weeks straight, so it felt good to finally get out and up the road in Sabino Canyon. Instead of any specific hill exercises I just tried to run strong. I made an effort to work the uphills at a tempo-type effort and to loosen up on the downhills, and overall the effort felt great. Maybe the zero helped.

Training: Today, 11.35 miles, 1:15:05, 6:37 pace
Yesterday, 0
Sunday, 10 miles, 1:05:50, 6:36 pace
Saturday a.m., 8.16, 55:59, 6:52 pace
Saturday p.m., 3.1 miles, 18:26, 5:56 pace
Miles for last week: 67 in 7 sessions (ouch)

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Mark said...

A "test of will" that's a good way of putting it; probably better off with the sub-max effort