Thursday, June 14, 2007

World's Fastest Babysitter

Read about his latest 5K victory here.

Due to my own scheduling snafu I didn't have a sitter to watch the kids while I did a workout today, so I called on my friends from the Running Shop to save me. I always feel bad asking anyone for a favor, but luckily for me Jason/Omniscient (pictured and story link above) agreed to come to my rescue by showing up at the house at 6 this morning. I was able to get in a mile warm up and 7 miles at 6:03 pace with the kids taken care of, although all the while I was worried that Finn's diaper would explode in a very smelly way during my absence. Fortunately I returned home to find Jason, Haiden and Finn sitting contentedly and watching a Muppet Show video. Afterwards I packed the kids into the stroller and headed out along with Jason for my cool down.

I ended up with 11 miles for the day, and while the 7 miles of pacework was a bit faster than the planned 6:12 pace, I blame it on the anxiousness of wanting to get home to rescue Jason. The workout felt good, and honestly it felt like it would have been more difficult to force myself to go slower than it was to just continue at the pace I settled in at.

Lesson Number One for solo-child-wrangling: Go easy on the jelly. You might think it's the peanut butter that makes the mess, but the jelly is much easier to spread around. When I took Finn out of the chair after lunch he somehow managed to get jam smeared on his back. The kid is amazing. We spent part of the day watching the NCAA track and field championship, and Finn really took a shine to the steeplechase. At less than 2 years of age he was shouting "go" as they ran along, and he laughed and said "awaaahh" (water) every time they tackled the water obstacle. He did point and say "daddy" more than a few times too, which I like more than when he does the same thing as the garbage truck drives by.

Speaking of Finn, he's dragging the highchair towards me so it must be lunchtime.

Training: 11 miles, 1:10:35, 6:27 pace, w/7 miles at 6:03 pace and 3 miles pushing two kids in pajamas.


Quinto Sol said...

Ahem, the link does not work... and what a friend!

Mike said...

Hey Quinto, I fixed the link. Find it here also. He is a kind and brave friend.

Thomas said...

You've got some great friends. I bet a million dollars I wouldn't be able to summon up anyone at 6am.

Bruce said...

Sounds like Finn's a future athlete. Hope it's all going well. Keep up the good training.

Quinto Sol said...

Brave indeed... racing w/ a stress fracture! My hat goes out to him.

Abadabajev said...

You can find a babysitter at 6am? Unheard of. This guy is pretty cool.