Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blow Up

At least I got it out of the way, and hopefully there will only be one of these this cycle.

At 18 miles I was at 6:43 pace for the run, but by 23.5 miles when I got to Kiera's mom's place to pick up Finn the average pace had slipped to 6:50. That's quite a crash, though the last 4 miles were uphill. At about 22 miles I stopped along the side of Craycroft Road to gather myself and have a short "What the hell am I doing here" moment as I squinted up to the top of the seemingly endless hill through the clouds of construction dust and exhaust (this road has been under construction for years). I still couldn't see the stoplight for Territory, which was my "one mile to go" sign. It was 8:30 now and the sun was cooking, and while the breeze was in my face it was about as comforting as opening up an oven door and peering inside to see if the chicken looks done. I shouted a few expletives (out of character for me), which caused the dog-walkers a quarter mile up to turn around and stare at the nut with his hands on his knees.

There was nothing left to do but continue on, albeit slowly. The stoplight appeared, I rolled down the remaining hills and crawled up one last false-flat, and I reached Kiera's mom's front door.

As I sat in the pool and cooled off I tried to take it in stride. I overreached today and was humbled. I didn't feel very good from the start, and instead of taking the pace down to 6:43 pace early I should have run the first half at 7 minute pace and sped up on the way back if I felt good. This run was more about time on feet than speed, and I didn't go into it with enough respect.

I did have a gel at 13 miles when I started to realize I wasn't going to go any faster, but it seemed to hurt more than it helped. Two miles later it felt like I was coming down from a glycogen boost and honestly if I had to do it again I would have skipped it. I did feel drained after the run, and for some reason I really had a craving for soda. I take this as the brain jonesing for glucose, so I listened. Two Mountain Dew's and an order of french toast later I'm feeling good again.

On a more positive note, I'm spending the next four days at home with our 2-year-old son Finn while Kiera and our daughter take a trip to visit her sister. Lots of guy-time and probably some big messes ahead.

Training: 23.5 miles, 2:40:15, 6:50 pace. Bonk.


Evan Roberts said...

Nice change of scenery on the top there. Very modern.

Now you're less likely to bonk at Twin Cities. It's a good thing to hit the wall once or twice in training.

Thomas said...

In a way I'm glad to hear that even you have the odd off day.

Enjoy the man-to-man time, but remember the lessons about jelly and spaghetti.

Andrew said...

The bonk. Man, have I been there. It's really hard to describe just how bad it feels.

Sempre Libera said...

Sorry to read about the bonk. But like Evan said, better now than at the race. And what's more, it's far enough out that you'll hopefully be able to figure out just what went wrong.