Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cheap Date

I'm at the end of my long weekend, and of course I've waited until the last minute to get through the drudgery that dogs any time off (yardwork, laundry, dishes). Still, it was a nice three days without work and with a little relief from the heat. We've had a bit of rain here and there, which hasn't really lowered the morning temps so much as it has kept things in the mid 80's until 8 or so. This beats racing the burning sun home as temperatures climb 5-10 degrees an hour once it reaches 6am.

Yesterday was an easy 13 on fairly tired legs. Not too much to note about the run save for me just not wanting to speed up at all once I got going. Today found me feeling better, which was a good thing since I was joined by Jason, Toby and Lucas for the usual Tuesday run up into Sabino Canyon. Jason has been taking a bit of time off, and the rest unfortunately had a similar effect to him strapping a jet pack on. Once the road really started to tilt he just danced away from us, and while it was a little demoralizing I still made it up to the top about half a minute faster than I ususally do as I tried to keep him in sight.

The way down found all of us opening up a little bit, and by the time we got out of the park my three companions were ready to call it a day just shy of 11 miles. This left me wandering the neighborhood by myself to reach 13, but mercifully they saved a few of Kiera's scones for me once I got back to the house.

I'm a bit worried I overcooked it a little today, and with two runs tomorrow I'll really have to make sure I ride the brakes to get ready for Thursday/Friday.

On a non-running note, one thing I like about our city is the fact that it realizes kids get hot and bored during the brutal summers here, and it offers some pretty cheap fun to keep them entertained. Yesterday afternoon I was able to take our daughter out to a public pool geared towards kids (zero-entry, water-spray features and covered by a sun-shade to boot) and to the Children's Museum for the combined total of $3.25.

Training: Today, 13 miles, 1:24:17, 6:31 pace
Yesterday, 13 miles, 1:30:09, 6:57 pace


Phil said...

After 13 miles at 6:30 you could use some serious pool time yourself. Great run up Sabino Canyon

angie's pink fuzzy said...

re: cheap date - where?

Dusty said...

That is great that they have some fun outdoor options!

Nice that the rain is keeping the temp down a little longer so you can sleep in while on vacation!

Abadabajev said...

Very nice banner. Catchy. All you need now is a little pic of Arthur bottom left. How about removing 'tries to' in your slogan. You are doing it. :)

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments gang. "Cheap date" is supposed to refer to my afternoon with Haiden, though dining at Rosa's also qualifies.

Abadabajev, I was thinking the same thing about that negative space. Hmmm.