Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good, Then Bad, Then Good Again

Ten mile effort at 6:08-6:12 pace this morning in now-typical warm and muggy conditions. I knowingly put myself at a disadvantage for this one by doing too much yesterday, but for some reason two runs and a Pilates session seemed like a good idea at the time. The second run was my pal Jason's last group run with the Running Shop, otherwise I would have let the guys fend for themselves while they ran 10K in 102 degree temps. As it was I enjoyed the company, and at least we got sandwiches afterwards.

I got out a bit later than usual today as Finn decided he was done sleeping at 4:30 this morning. I hung out with him while Kiera got her run out of the way, so the streets were busy when I finally started a little after 6.

After two miles of easy warm up I got to it with the intention of running fairly even splits. Usually I just set the watch to track my average pace for the whole effort (10 miles today), but this sometimes results in me "banking" time during the earlier miles, then not wanting to slow down later when I put myself close to or over the aerobic edge. In other words, I screw up, run too fast early, and die a bit at the end. By tracking each mile I could take them one at a time.

For the first three miles I was in it with a 5:59, 6:15 (trying to make up for the first one), and 6:08. For the next three miles I wrote a blog post in my head about how I quit this workout after 6 miles because it felt a bit tough too early (6:08, 6:09, 6:11). For miles 7 and 8 I realized I was still running the loop on pace so I erased the first post and started another about how I finally relaxed and settled in to the correct pace, although it still was a bit difficult (6:08, 6:08). For the last two miles I did my best to pretend I wasn't doing a workout (or writing about one) and instead just focused on trying to stay relaxed. This actually worked until the last half mile or so, and I just grunted it in from there (6:11, 6:08).

Overall pace was between 6:08 and 6:09, and I ended up with 13 on the day with the warm up and cool down. Again, this would have probably felt easier with a lighter day yesterday, and I'm trying to rest up for the long run tomorrow. As the weeks start to get a little more difficult the margin of error keeps shrinking, so this will probably mark the end of me running Wednesday nights or the beginning of a different day to start the back to back workouts.

Training: Today, 13 miles, 1:22:54, 6:23 pace, w/10 mile effort at 5:59, 6:15, 6:08, 6:08, 6:09, 6:11, 6:08, 6:08, 6:11, 6:08
Yesterday am., 10 miles, 1:10:26, 7:03 pace
Yesterday pm., 6.2 miles around 7 minute pace


Eric said...

Yeah, you're not exactly finding yourself in good position going in to day two. I would even say that this *was* day two given the way you describe it and the volume you did yesterday. These 'day one' efforts should be energizing rather than draining.

It's possible that the early 5:59 did you in, though, and 10 miles is quite a long effort at that pace. Easily could have been an off day along with fatigue from yesterday's heat.

Good to see you pull it back on pace right away. Nice work.

Do you do any kind of recovery routine after these, or just let nature take its course?

Mike said...

I think it's a matter of switching things around a bit. I was so much better off last week when all I did was 10 easy the day before (no Pilates or second run), so I'll find a way to get back to that.

The first mile was a bit downhill, and I took a different route on mile two that led me uphill and most certainly to a positive split.

I did do a cool bath last week after the long run (the ice maker was on the fritz though), but today I just drank some Gatorade and played some guitar. After a good meal and some water I'm feeling fine.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your 5K this weekend, do us all proud.

Thomas said...

Someone recently left a comment on my blog saying "If you're going to do these workouts, I definitely suggest an easy day before and after (especially after). I usually try to only run 10 or so very easy the day after myself."

Who was that? Oh, yes. YOU!

I'll try and do as you say, not as you do.

Eric said...

Lord, the Irish Man is good!

Now you have at least two of us keeping you straight. Cheers!

Mike said...

The key words in that sentence are "I usually try".

That being said, I guess I'm guilty as charged.