Monday, July 30, 2007

A Guy Could Get Used to This

Another pleasant morning along the Truckee River in Reno, Nevada. If anything, this trip to a cooler climate has made me feel much better about how the conditioning phase of my training has been going so far. If you haven't noticed, I can get a bit neurotic about my training paces, and it's been a little hard to ignore that more and more of my general aerobic runs or easy days have been getting slower as the weather in Tucson gets more and more oppressive. Running with temps in the mid-70's (Fahrenheit of course) or higher along with 70+% humidity stinks, just ask Eric. However, I've noticed that since I've been in Reno that the runs have been getting both faster and easier with temps in the mid-60's and humidity down under 30%.

Today I could really feel the benefits of a more hospitable training environment, as 12 miles just flew by this morning. I've been doing an out and back run along the river I mentioned, and as usual I took the first half at what felt like a relaxed pace. When I turned around and checked the watch I was surprised to already be under 6:40 average pace. This same low level of exertion would probably have me at 6:50-7 minute pace in Tucson, and I barely had a sweat going. It's nice to be writing about a few runs like this.

Mystery Coach made a point of reminding me twice to take it easy on the paces while in Reno, so I tried to maintain the same speed to the end. Since just about all of my runs are progressions it felt like I was holding back, but I still inadvertently sped up a little on the way back.

If I can go back to Tucson on Thursday night feeling like I did this morning, I'll feel like my short break from the heat and the steady structure of the past several weeks will have really helped me. Today life if good.

Training: 12 miles, 1:18:48, 6:34 pace. 2 inches above the road today


Evan Roberts said...

reno's at a not insignificant altitude, so you can give yourself a couple of second a mile for that too!

edinburghrunner said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your running!

Dusty said...

A trip can really boost your running confidence! I was dying in the fall last year and went out to Phoenix and enjoyed the same thing you are having. I hope it keeps your confidence up as it did mine. Great job, and try to listen to your coach... it sounds like he knows what he is talking about. hee hee! I know you want to just burn up the trails there!