Friday, July 13, 2007

Hey, I CHOSE to get Dropped

My pals Shane and Catlow decided to join me for day two of the weekly back to back this morning. The plan was the standard 10 miles followed by 4 miles at 6:08-6:12 pace, and while I usually try to run the 10 around 6:40 pace the legs seemed more content to keep things in the 6:50's. We ran down into town where we were able to get a drink at my brother's hose, and while I didn't feel great I knew I could get back up the hill and through Gut-Check Alley without falling apart. The test would be the 4 mile effort, and I was hoping to set myself up to feel smooth the whole time and not find myself drifting over the redline. An optimal run like this should leave me feeling like I could add on at least a few more miles at the faster pace, which seems to be happening a bit more often.

When we started the effort I found myself at the back, even though I was the pace monkey with the workout and the GPS. Shane seemed much happier running 6 minute pace, and Catlow seemed like he could go either way. I hit the first mile at 6:04 and made the decision to stick to the plan, which meant getting dropped. Soon enough I was shouting to the guys to announce the turns and give them approximate splits as they drifted a bit further ahead.

No one likes getting dropped, but this was good practice for holding back early in the marathon. I actually felt good, and several times considered trying to close down the gap, but the fear of Mystery Coach having spies planted along the route was enough to keep me running close to the assigned pace. The effort was a net downhill, so when I finished the four miles at 6:05 pace I felt I was in the ballpark on pace.

After I caught up with the traitors/running partners we rolled back to the house, where Kiera had just emptied the oven of a tray of her famous banana/chocolate chip/coconut muffins. I thought about reminding Shane and Catlow about not dropping the host, but they did drive all the way out to the house at 5am so I cut them some slack.

I would have liked to have run faster for the first 10 today, and I realize doing too much on Wednesday probably kept that from happening. Still, I'd rather give back time for not allotting enough recovery during the easy portions of a run than during the efforts. Actually, I'd rather not give back time at all, but until I can get the balance right perhaps it's inevitable.

Training: 16 miles, 1:48:10, 6:46 pace, w/10 at 6:54 and 4 at 6:06

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Dusty said...

Nice of you to share the muffins with the traitors, I mean, your running buddies. ;)