Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hills and More Hills

Back into Sabino Canyon for another hilly run today. The legs felt pretty good most of the way, but I had to coax them a little bit to maintain the turnover on the downhill sections. I squeaked out an extra mile for 13 total before I had to be back for Kiera's run. I'll be doing a bit more of this since I'll be skipping the usual evening run on Wednesday with the holiday. When I was stirring some powdered gatorade Haiden said, "You can only have gatorade if you run 6 miles." I told her I ran 13 and she said "You can have LOTS of gatorade."

Training 13 miles, 1:26:27, 6:39 pace, hilly run up Sabino Canyon


Chris Field said...

Good running. I really enjoy reading of your training and progress and this blog even inspired me to start my own running blog. You are way, way, way ahead of where I can ever imagine being but I look very forward to the days, miles, and progress ahead.

Mike said...

Chris, thanks for the comment. Good luck with your running and your blog. Just don't write about your toes too often, it seems to gross people out.