Sunday, July 01, 2007

Leaving Something on the Table

Week 6 of conditioning is in the books, and the last two days found me feeling pretty fresh. Yesterday I dogged along for 12 miles with recovery on my mind, and by the end the legs still felt like they had more running in them. Today was another go at a two mile evaluation run, and luckily I was able to get out to the track before the weather got too bad (not like my 8am start last week). I ended up hitting 5:27 and 5:26 for the miles, which was surprising given I put out the same effort that only got me 5:39 and 5:35 last week. The heart rate was the same 160 afterwards, and while jogging around Sabino Canyon to get to ten miles for the day I actually felt fairly fresh. In the back of my mind I considered adding two more miles, but in the end I decided to exercise caution for a change and head home while I was still feeling good. Here's how the week shook out:

Mo: 13 easy
Tu: 12 moderate, hilly run up Sabino Canyon
We: 10 easy
We: 6 easy and damn hot
Th: 12 w/9 at 6:10 pace
Fr: 15 w/10 at 6:33 and 4 at 6:10 pace
Sa: 12 easy
Su: 10 w/2 miles in 5:27 and 5:26
Total: 90 in 8 sessions

I'm down three miles from last week, but a 15 mile run instead of 20 will do that. If I can stay on this path for one more week without incident I think I'll be getting somewhere.

Have a great weekend.

Training: Today, 10 miles, 1:05:33, 6:33 pace, w/2 miles at 5:27 and 5:26
Yesterday, 12 miles, 1:24:28, 7:04 pace

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