Sunday, July 08, 2007

One Week Closer

Ran the weekly 2 mile evaluation at the track again this morning, and the results were very similar in both pace and feel to last week's effort. After two easy miles to the oval I hit 5:29 and 5:26 for the effort, then stepped off the track and noted the heart rate was again at 160. After 30 seconds or so it was down to 120, so it seems that things are still relatively in check. I do think the second mile would have been a few seconds slower if not for me running through a small swarm of flying, biting ants right before the last straight. One wedged itself in the corner of my eye with 150 to go, so I accelerated a bit with one eye squeezed shut in an effort to get to the finish where I could dig it out and stop it from biting me. Fun stuff. Come to think of it this might have affected the heart rate reading too, as uttering a string of expletives while checking the pulse probably isn't the best way to get an accurate reading.

I felt good enough today to stretch the planned 10 miles to 12, and when I got home and added up the runs for the week here's what I came up with-

Mo: 13 easy
Tu: 13 moderate up and down Sabino Canyon
We: 10 easy
Th: 13 w/6 at 150-155HR (6:12 avg. pace)
Fr: 22.5
Sa: 12 easy
Su: 12 w/2 mile evaluation at 5:29, 5:26
Total miles: 95.5 in 7 sessions

Aside from grumbling about the weather I'm happy to have this week in the bank. It's nice to see the miles adding up without any doubles, and I think playing Wednesday conservatively by going easy and short in the morning and skipping the second hot run really helped me finish the week feeling strong.

The goal for this week is to just stay on track and perhaps get a little more sleep. I think the endurance and stamina are finally starting to move in the right direction, as staying out past 10 miles is getting mentally easier with each passing week.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and didn't get lost on their long run. This guy did and all he has to show for it is a giant eagle trophy. Patrick is a bad-ass, and it will be a pleasure finishing Twin Cities 10 minutes behind him this fall.

Training: 12 miles, 1:19:07, 6:36 pace, w/2 mile evaluation in 5:29, 5:26


Eagle said...

I am a marathoner from Sydney Autralia and a great fan of Lydiard and have training his way for the last few months with some good results. I came across your Blogg when I Goggled Lydiard.

I think you run ealier in the month where you 8 mile TTgot slower was the weather. You other runs were on temps of 60 or so and you do this one in th 80's - no way pace can be the same with such a large change in the temp.

I see you have a marthon in October - good luck. I will wtach your training for it with interest.

Abadabajev said...

I love your mileage gains. Almost 100 miles in 7 sessions. You truly are high miler. Very good work.

Still haven't seen MC's vo2max numbers that he promised over week ago. Maybe I missed the post.

edinburghrunner said...

Nice new banner Mike! I've been reading my blogs of RSS feeds of late so hadn't seen it before....

Phil said...

It's good to see someone else that enjoys a fun track workout. Nice workout.

Sempre Libera said...

Eeek, bugs! I somehow manage to swallow/inhale a bunch of them. Aside from the heat it's really the only bad part about summer running.

Nice workout though. I'm really impressed with how strong your legs have felt on this kind of mileage.

Mike said...

Thanks for the comments all. Abadabajev, I think the coach has been a bit busy, but hopefully he'll dig into what kind of numbers he uses.

Ahh, heat and bugs, what else do you need for a day at the track. And I'm glad some folks finally have noticed the banner. I'll figure out photoshop one of these days.