Monday, July 02, 2007

Original Toes

It's always nice when a good guy gets a win.

Our son Finn often wants to be about two inches taller than he is, and he exercises this desire by constantly standing on my feet while I'm doing things like preparing food at the kitchen counter. He's also found that by jumping off of my feet it's an easier reach to my lap when I'm sitting on a chair or the couch. Normally this is only nominally annoying, except for when he grinds his heel across the top of my foot, which pulls out the individual hairs growing there.

Finn's behavior wouldn't be so bad, except for that I've been trying to get back to my "original toes" (a phrase that grosses out Kiera to no end when I begin to elaborate on its meaning). If all I had were callouses on the ends of a few of my toes it wouldn't be so bad, but when I start getting the small callous-blister-large callous sandwich happening it's time to take action. Add in a few double-layered toenails (most likely caused by bumping against the callouses), and things just get worse. Now that things are taken care of I'm left with some temporarily vulnerable digits, and Finn has been doing his best to march double-time on them. Ahhh, parenthood. They learn your weaknesses quickly.

The run today felt easy, possibly because I avoided a few of the more serious hills I ran last week. The legs appreciated the shorter run yesterday and took me around the Slow Down loop without complaint.

Training: 13 miles, 1:27:16, 6:43 pace


Blaxabbath said...

Go ahead and wax those toes, son. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Thomas said...

You know, I I think I can see why Kiera would be grossed out by the whole thing.