Friday, July 06, 2007

Time on Feet

In the comments yesterday Abadabajev wondered why I'm not acclimated to the heat here in Tucson. The truth is that I am, but I think the body is just forced to slow down a bit when it has to divert more blood to the skin to keep me from cooking (as Eric mentioned in the same comments). I can still run, I just get bothered by having to slow down. It has been much hotter for the last week or so though, as usually our morning temperatures are in the low-70's or better.

As far as trading my weather for what Thomas seems to wade through for 9 months of the year, I guess I'll take what I've got. I still think poor Phil has it worse than most of us, as Phoenix is only one or two degrees away from bursting into flames.

I posted the temperature this morning because I thought it was laughable that it was so hot so damn early. One of the small rewards for getting up at 3:15 should be cooler temperatures, so when I saw the weather stats I just felt I needed to share them (somehow complaining about it makes it easier for me to get out the door, lucky you).

With 2h30m on the schedule today I made a decision to start slowly and to keep a 20oz. bottle of gatorade outside the garage door for a pit-stop halfway through. After a few miles between 7 minute and 7:20 pace I finally started to relax and just lost myself in the run. I traveled the Slow Down loop and added some sections to get me back to the house after 12 miles. After quickly downing the whole bottle of sportsdrink I headed back out, and I could feel the pace starting to quicken a bit with each mile. Finally, at about 21 miles in I approached the crossroads where I get to choose either heading back into Sabino Canyon for one more big hill or running towards home early and adding a flat loop. Like an idiot I chose the hill. I do get a sense of satisfaction from finishing these runs with hills, as I honestly think it does toughen me at some level. Down to the end of my street and back to our house got me past the goal time, and five minutes later I plopped myself in the tub for a not-quite-ice bath. I've been working on the ice machine in the refrigerator and I couldn't spare more than a mixing bowl full of cubes. Still, it felt good. If I can't run as fast as Eric, perhaps I can at least recover as fast by borrowing his methods.

All in all this was a good run, and even with the heat and the added stress of yesterday's 10 miles of fun I felt much better than I did at the end of my 2h20m run two week's ago.

Training: 22.5 miles, 2:31:41, 6::45 pace


Dusty said...

Hey Mike, I ran in Phoenix for years. In college, practice was at 3pm, then later moved to 5 (in addition to 6am workouts). I got used to it, but it always took a while and drained you at first. Also, a lot of times the temp jumps quick and that will drain you too. I miss all the water fountains in Phx - that was nice - no matter where you were, there was a fountain - sometimes randomly placed in a cul-de-sac near the canal. Here, they don't have them outside any stores or 7-11 or anything. I was told it was because the pipes freeze in the winter -PAIN.

Mike said...

I do like the fountains, but when the water coming out is a lovely 80 degrees it seems more suited to making coffee or tea than refreshing you! Still, it's better than no water at all.

Dusty said...

oh yes - I forgot about that.

When I was in college, we trained in a wealthy neighborhood and they let us jump in their huge front yard water fountains. In hind-sight, maybe they just wanted to see some college girls in wet t-shirts - but who cares, it cooled us off! So worth any jollies the owner got from it.

Phil said...

Nice job getting out there and showing the rest of us how it's done.