Monday, July 16, 2007

Welcome Back

Eric wins!
Greg is back but we might have to stay on him to keep him around. Same goes for Ingo.
Wayne is also back in touch. It's good to have all these folks around.

I just finished week 8 of my conditioning for the Twin Cities marathon in October; Here's how it went down:

Mo: 13 easy
Tu: 13 Hilly moderate run in Sabino Canyon
We: 10 miles easy
We: 6 miles easy
Th: 13 w/10 at 6:08-6:09 pace
Fr: 16 w/4 at 6:05 pace
Sa: 12 easy
Su: 12 w/2 miles at 5:30 & 5:23
Total: 95 in 8 sessions

I came out of this week feeling pretty good, and I enjoyed a run through pouring rain yesterday. It started to fall just as I started my two mile effort on the track, and by the end of the run I had that wet dog feeling I imagine Thomas experiences almost daily.

This week changes things up a bit, as I did my hilly run up Sabino Canyon today instead of taking an easy day after my evaluation run so that I can do my back to back workouts Wednesday-Thursday before Kiera and Haiden head out of town.

Oops. Haiden is tugging at me to have a "family race" through the neighborhood. I can't pass this up just to type about my silly runs. Have a good day.

Training: Today, 12 miles, 1:20:33, 6:45 pace
Yesterday, 12 miles, 1:19:51, 6:39 pace, w/2 miles at 5:30 and 5:23
Miles for the week: 95 in 8 sessions


Omniscient said...

You are starting to really negative split those 2 mile efforts. I think that is a great sign.

Good Work!

Mike said...

Yeah, and I wasn't even being chased by a pack of flying, biting ants this time. The rain was nice though.

Greg said...

Just for the record, I updated my blog prior to being called out in this one.

The past couple of weeks look really good Mike. You seemed to have very nicely slipped right back into marathon specific training.

Chris Field said...

Hey Mike-

Do you keep up with your HR on your runs?

Thomas said...

Almost daily is an exaggeration. Then again, it did rain two times out of the last 4, at least fro some time of my run. Today was a gorgeous day though.

I hope Haiden didn't humiliate you completely during the family race. Did she let you win?

Mike said...

Chris, I only wear a heart rate moniter maybe once a month or so just to evaluate where I'm at fitness-wise.

Thomas, it was a difficult race yesterday as Haiden took off like a shot and Finn dragged behind. I chose to stay with Finn since he's better at holding grudges and can make 2-4 in the morning quite difficult if he chooses.

Kiera was the race director and did a bang-up job. Someone had to keep all of us on the sidewalk and out of the street.