Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Week Down

Another morning on the hill, again with the usual four circuits. I'm finally up to bounding 50 steps or so with each repeat (during the 3 minute steep hill running exercises), which really digs into the quads a bit. Altogether it was a pretty good week:

Mo: 12 easy
Tu: 11 w/4 hill circuits plus extra 3x200
We: 13 w/4 sets of 600 meter intervals, broken up
Th: 10 w/7 around 5:55 pace
Fr: 20 at moderate pace
Sa: 10 very easy
Su: 10.6 w/4 hill circuits
Total: 86.6 in 7 sessions

Two hill days, a decent marathon pace workout, a long run and a few intervals managed to get squeezed in during the past seven days, so I'll try not to let all those shorter 10 mile runs bug me.

Next week should be a challenge with a bit more running under threshold and a tougher back to back. Enjoy the weekend, and tune in tomorrow for the first installment of Ask the Mystery Coach Monday.

Training: Today, 10.6 miles, 1:23:08, 7:50 pace, w/4 hill circuits
Saturday, 10 miles, 1:12:15, 7:16 pace
Miles for the week: 86.6 in 7 sessions


Anonymous said...

Just wondering do you do youe hill repeats on dirt/grass hills or roads? Lydiard always shows bounding being done on grass and I wasn't sure the reasoning behind that.

Mike said...

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a long/steep enough dirt hill (no chance at grass here in Tucson, Arizona), so my bounding is done on the roads. Grass or dirt would be much better for minimizing the stress of landing after each "bound". I probably bound a bit less because of this (I fatigue after 50 steps or so).

Thanks for the comment.

Albert Caruana said...


I just stumbled on to your site. Congratulations on your training, racing and blog. I look forward to keeping up with your progress.

Your goal is very reachable and you seem to be well on your way. My high school running coach didn't get into running until his 30s and ran a low 2:30 marathon in his 40s. He's still out there competing very well into his 50s.

I am definitely a proponent of the Lydiard system. Hills are invaluable for my teams (cross country and track). There are just so many benefits.

I am glad I was able to see Lydiard speak before he passed away. I saw him here in San Francisco on his US tour.

Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Mike, i was gojng to email you with this question since it has nothing to do with todays post but decided it might interest people so I'll ask it here instead.

Looking back on your training log and remembering your old posts I must wonder~ what happened to the coordniation phase? I recall you having some trouble way back in 05 deciding on how to do it, comparing his 84 and 95 books. Thats about where I'm at right now. I read and fully understand the purpose of the phase I'm just uncertain how to apply it. 20-35k time trials every week for me are impracticle and 5-10k time trials tell me very little about my marathon condition. So what have you settled on that you can go from the track phase into your taper?


Mike said...

Albert, thanks for visiting and for the comments. You're a lucky man for having the opportunity to meet Arthur. I agree with you on the hills, and even when I'm not specifically in a hill phase I try to cover a fair amount of my miles on hilly terrain.

Jesse, the coach is the architect this time around (as he was for the last build), and I think he takes into account how I tended to over-train and perhaps over-race my time trials in the coordination phases (for the January '06 and June '06 marathons). I think it was also apparent that speed-work seemed to bring me around pretty quickly (perhaps too quickly).

Looking at my schedule not, the anaerobic and coordination phases seem to melt together a bit, and are focused around the back to back workouts we've discussed. By doing the race-pace back to back efforts only every other week, it will hopefully not tire me out as much as the series of 12, 15, and 18 milers at marathon pace that seemed to do me in early for the two races mentioned above.

Again, it's about adapting to the individual, and in my case I come around to a peak fairly quickly so it's important to be conservative until the right moment. For the coming weeks you'll see probably one "maintenance" hill session, the introduction of more structured intervals, and a boost in the length and intensity of the race pace efforts. However, the coach seems to know how to structure it so that I still get to recover between these efforts. Perhaps he'll elaborate on this.

I think 5 & 10K efforts on their own have a place, but I tended to turn them into races instead of that often quoted "7/8ths" effort. The 7-10 miles at pace on the first day of the back to back kind of simulates this, but knowing I have either a long run or another day at race pace the following workout keeps the lid on things.

Mike said...

Should say "Looking at my schedule NOW" above.