Monday, August 13, 2007

Ask the Mystery Coach Mondays

I receive a number of emails each week asking questions about training. It would be better if everyone saw the responses so that they could add to their training knowledge. To help with that goal "Ask Mystery Coach Mondays" will start next week and will be a weekly post at the "Running With Lydiard" blog.

"Ask The Mystery Coach Mondays" will be a post with a question and answer format. Questions can have to do with your training specifically, general training theory, or why I use a specific workout at a specific time. Mail your questions to me ( mysterycoach at gmail dot com ) and I'll choose one or more Friday night for a post Monday morning. Include your blog if you have one. I also encourage using the comments section for different points of view on my answers or would like further clarification about a subject.

Thanks again to Mike for sharing his blog space and readers.

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Ryan said...

Hello Mike,

Just wanted to drop a note to say that I have enjoyed following your training through your blog...and to wish you the best in Minnesota this weekend. Judging by your training, you should do great.